Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holiday's


Man I've had a hard time keeping up  with this thing, that'll teach me to start a blog around the Holiday's right?!?!? Does it count that I have a list of stuff I will be adding after the Holidays? I hope you all have had a great year and end it with a wonderful Holiday!! I can't beleive it's almost 2011, I hope you all have made some very special, memorable as well as scrapable memories this year! What are your new scrappy goals? Do you have any or many? I've decided not to make any this year, but I'll keep on with some things I did this year, such as make my own cards, participate in challenges and stretch my creativity more, ect. I learned a huge lesson this year it's qaulity not qauntity that counts. So for all of you who are like me that got a late start on your scrapping, don't rush the end of that huge pile will come before you know it so don't rush it and make each page be the best it can be! But as far as goals.....getting published would be pretty awesome!

Don't forget to leave me comment before eyou leave and check back after the holidays for some more DIY's!!!

Oh yes and one last thing.....have any of you ever heard of the new and upcoming scrapbook forum and challenge site called CREATIVE SOUP???? I have just become a member and it looks like a great group of girls over there with some exciting stuff to come in 2011, so check them out! Here's the link:


  1. Thanks for sharing about the creative soup site. Looks like it will be a good one. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.....

  2. awesome site .. I get that way around any time of the year when it comes to blogging hee hee .. so I get it girl . hope you have a Happy Holidays