Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Creative Soup Free Spring Class: Get Messy!

Class Overview: We are gonna get messy!! This 10 lesson class will try to help you to incorporate multiple fine art (and fun art) supplies into your everyday scrapping projects!

We will be working with some really fun and messy art supplies--some which have already worked their way into mainstream scrapping, and some which might seem a little further out there!

We'll have step-by-step lessons, photographs illustrating each technique, and unlimited Q&A sessions!

Please join us starting Monday, May 2nd for our first lesson!

There is never a fee for any of our Creative Classes! So come join in on all the fun!!

Recommended Supply List

There are no required supplies; please don’t go out and buy anything you won’t use. With that in mind, there are some highly recommended supplies/products that I will go over during the class.

The supplies listed below are all supplies that I will be using throughout my projects. I've bolded a couple of items I think are definitely worthwhile. If you aren’t sure about something, wait till you see the lesson and then decide if that’s something you’d be interested in playing with! And feel free to add whatever else you want to the list!

Supplies Some Of The Admin. and CT Used:
- Whatever base material you will be using (I’m using a canvas mini book)
- Various Adhesives (liquid adhesive is helpful)
- Wax Paper
- Spray bottle with water
- Heat Tool (the Ranger one is awesome)
- Various Punches and stamps
- Various papers (cardstock, patterned paper, old books, etc)
- Paintbrushes (foam and non-foam)
- Mists
- Inks
- Acrylic Paint
- Watercolor Paint/Pencils/Crayons
- Embossing Powders
- Pens/Markers
***Gesso (if you don’t have gesso, its one thing I do recommend you go out and buy if you plan on doing a lot of canvas or acrylic paint work---the cheap student grade gesso works fantastic)
***Modeling Paste (can be expensive, very optional)
***Gel Medium (can be expensive, very optional)
- Whatever scrapbooking/non-scrapbooking embellishments you want to use
- Photos (optional)

Check out Creative Soup for more info, details and sneaks!!!

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