Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scrap Yourself

So if your reading this chanced are your a fan of scrapbooking....
But out of all those beautiful pages you create, just how many are focused on yourself?
Haha thats what I thought....

Well Scrap Yourself is where you need to be then!
Here you can have yet another excuse to craft, create apage all about yourself all while having a chance to win a RAK!

Nifty huh!!!

This week's challenge was to create a layout about your winter feelings.

Here's my take on this week's challenge:

This is a layout of me during one of my rare winter outting's, lol. Can you see the fake smile in my eyes, lol....I just wasn't feeling it it, lol the fun that is....actually all I could feel was bitter cold.
I am not  a huge fan of winter, at all. Although I live in the North, I was born and raised in the South and do believe I will always be a Southern girl at can take the girl outta the South but you can't take the Southern Roots outta the girl I like to say, lol. Haha and us southern people were not bred to adapt well in cold temps.  However with that being said I do love to look out of my windows after a beautiful snowfall. Everything is so white, crisp and clean looking. I love the look of the trees bogged down in sparkly ice crystals that shine brightly in the sunlight. These things are beautiful to me from the inside ONLY, lol......I shiver at the thought of having to go outdoors in that kind of weather, but being a wife and mother I can only protest the outdoors for so long even in the winter, lol they all love it and are bound and determined to get outside and play in it!
(As usual I have added the above journaling on the back side of my layout)
The paper is from Bo Bunny's Blitzen collection, and I just embellished my layout with a mixture of handmade flowers,snowflakes and a few doilies. 
I hope you have enjoyed my page, looking forward to seeing your take on this challenge.

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  1. This layout is gorgeous! I can feel your pain, I lived in PA for 15 years, but was born in AL, I'm back in TN now! I do miss the photo opts, but not the bitter cold! Love Penny