Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Finds

Well it's that time already...time to start  thinking about tiny red bearded men with funny lil shoes, pots of gold and rainbows as well as the color green!!! I cannot believe St Patricks Day is already approaching us so fastly...where has the time gone?? 

In honor of this fast approaching holiday this week's Friday Finds are all about the color GREEN!!! Do you like to work with green? I do, I find the softer shades somewhat soothing. Actually my bedroom is the color of that Volkswagon Bug below and my youngest child's room is the same color as the door also below. My Husband and oldest Daughter's favorite color is green as is both of their birthstones....haha we love green in this house! 

So it's time to get your green does this inspire you?


 Green Eyeshadow 
 Green Door 
green roses

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