Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Perfect Fall Day Ideas

Ok so I know on Wednesday's I had been sharing my weight loss success.....unfortunately it's seems to be in a lull leaving me at 142lbs......however that is down from 155 since last month so I cannot complain to much....I just need to get back into the routine of healthy habbits which I have seemed to deviate from within the last few weeks. Same on me! Hopefully I have some better news to share 9in the next week or so!

So instead of my boring weigt update I am gonna share a yummy looking recipes and some fun fall family activity ideas, sure to make the 'Perfect Fall Day'!

First start your day off with these scrumptious looking Pumpkin Pancakes

Recipe found here

Are you taste buds going crazy yet??? I have to admit I haven't tried these yet, but cannnot wait to do so! I'm sure they are real good for my diet.....ya right!!!

After you've devoured those delicious looking pancakes get out there with your family and enjoy making some memories!

Below are a few ideas sure to please your family!

Pumpkin Patch
Carve A Pumpkin
Check Out The Foiliage
Rake The Leaves (then jump in the pile)
Have a Leaf Fight
Leaf Art
Take Some Family Photos Outdoors
Make a Scarecrow
Visit A Corm Maze
Check Out The Farmers Markets or Harvest Fest
Have a Football Party
Decorate Your Porch
Go For a Walk In The Park
Homemade Apple Cider Can Some Veggies and Jams
Have a Picnic
Go Apple Pickin

What do you like to do in the Fall? It's is my most fav time of the year, I love EVERYTHING about it! The changing leaves, the smells, the decor, the activities, the weather. What's not to love???

I hope you are inspired to get out there ith your family and make your own memories I know I cannot wait to do these activities with mine! If any of yolu try these pancxakes let me know what you think of them!


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