Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday's Snapshot's

Last month I used my camera more than I EVER have! I had a blast taking some great photos and learning some new tricks and techniques. This is my first EOS camera and I definately plan to purchase another one in the future, the shots it captures are just so clear, true and above all just plain AMAZING!!!
I wanna share some of my most fav shots of the month with you!

The first 3 photo's I do believe I blogged already.....however they are some of my August favs and in my opinion are just fab! We went to a local event and a thunder storm rolled in creating these clouds, followed by the pretty rainbow!

 I caught this shot of a random person at our local rodeo! Love those boots, and she totaly rocked them!

 This is another random shot here in our town, I LOVE how this turned out! I wish I had a house at the end of this drive!

Check out this cute lil toad from the pond at our local zoo......sweet shot right! The frog is so green, at first glance he looks fake and placed there as a decor piece.....then he moved startling me into the realization that he was in fact real and the after further inspection I saw he had many friends in the pond with him, as green and beautiful as him. I wonder if he's a prince in diguise????

I love 2 things about this shot....if you look very close you will see that not only is that water I'm looking down at, but a school of fishy's!!! Can you see them? There were hundreds all around on both sides of this bridge at the's because they know were they get feed hehe! I also love my shadow in the water....just a cool shot!

 This is a shot of my kiddos and a few of their friends playing at the splash pad......awwww childhood days!

This is my alltime FAV shot of the month of August!!! It speaks for itself!

I hope you enjoyed and are inspired o get out and use your own camera! I am getting excited for fall now....I know it'll make for some great shots!

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