Friday, June 22, 2012

Bo Bunny Card Sketch

Hi everyone, I have a card to share with you today!

I don't believe I have ever used one of the Bo Bunny Card Sketches before, but I sure had fun creating my first one. Like I said yesterday I have not been abale to get enough sketches lately, I am just lovin them these days...not that I didn't before, it just seems an addiction these days!

Check out Bo Bunny's FABULOUS June Card Sketch
I saw ths sketch and the wheels atrted turning! So many options....I think I might actually even use this sketch a few more times flipped and flopped! It's to cute not to sqeeze every bit of use out of it that I possibly can!
Here's what I came upo with.....and I sure the recipient will love it if I do say so myself!

Ok overall I am pleased with this card, but I do have a few flaws that irritate me......but I finally had to tell myself it is what it is and it is lovely so quite fretting!!

I used Bo Bunny's Country Garden Collection for this card, I have had a stack of it for a while just waiting to be used and this was my perfect oopotunity!!! I really love the soft muted color tones of this collection and the country feel to it, which suits me to perfection!

I used my brand new Martha Stewart border punch on the front of the card after I chopped it down about an inch shorter. I then started chopping and distressing away until I was satisfied!
This is a close up of the butterfly, I wanted you to see the detail of the burlap and cheesecloth I placed behind it, that I whitewashed with white acrylic may notice  did that to a few things as well as the butterfly here!

Last but not least, this is a close up of the upper right corner, I decided to add a small half a piece of doilie with some more burlap and cheesecloth, topped off with a flowers and leaves! Thes items were also white washed with the acrylic paint, as I have been doing over anything on my pages that would stand still!

Now I don't know who I will give this card to yet, but I am almost positive they will love it!

Thanks for stopping by, your support, encouragment and comments mean so much!
Happy Scrapping!

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