Friday, June 15, 2012

We Will Always Cherish You **FWAB**

I am SERIOUSLY excited to be sharing this layout with you all today, it just might be one of my FAV's I've ever made!!

For a while now I have adored layouts pouring into galleries using wet mediums! Although I adored them, at the same time they scared the jeepers outta me.....really I'm not even sure why? I tried to tell myself it was because I didn't want to ruin the layout I was working on......this was before I finally told myself to quit being stupid and just try it, it's not like I don't have enough paper to last me more than a lifetime.....worse case scenario I use another sheet right?!?!?!

So I got busy and VERY messy, lol!! By the time I was done, my socks, face and hands were covered in acrylic paint......don't even ask me how it got onto my socks my husband has long since dubbed me as the messiest painter in the world when we were repainting out home....all I can say is thank goodness for drop clothes right??? Or else my white carpet would have been ruined!

Once I began playing with the paint, I instantly became addicted and filled my online shopping cart up with gesso and molding paste! I just cannot seem to get enough.....I can't share with you now, but I have a few Design Team layouts coming up at the end of the month, that took their que from the page below! And I must say I am just as excited to share those as I am this one! So be sure you check back, to take a look!

Ok, enough blabing and on to the good stuff!

So I forgot to ention above that my layout is based on Prima's June BAP (Build A Page)
The sketch was super fun to work seems like I always say that, lol....what can I say I love sketches!


We Will Always Cherish You

This is a layout of my youngest daughter on her Preschool Graduation Day! She was happy as could be and I could not have been more proud, I was the total doting mother!! I took this photo of her before we left on my front porch and it quickly became a treasure that I will always cherish just like her!

I used Prima's Nature Garden Papers here left over from my ScrapThat! May Kit which I distressed using my brand new Prima Invild Bolme Distress Tool......
those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis know that I have ALWAYS used the scissor technique, but I instantly fell in love with this tool....I must admit I was skeptical as to whether I would like it or not due to the fact that the scissor technique really grunges up the paper and I had my doubts that the distress tool would work as well.......I am happy to say I was definately works amazingly well, every bit as good as the scissor technique and I am just sorry I hadn't bought one months ago!


So I wanted to share this close up with you, so that you could see the design of the GORGEOUS Flourish With A Bling Grace Pearls!!! As most of you know I recently made their Design Team and I HONESTLY LOVE their products! The flourishes are super pretty and super durable! I used the Plum colored Grace Pearl for this page, which you if you look closely you will notice I also attacked them with my acrlic paint!!! I gently swiped my dry brush over their tops and it gave it a beautiful white washed look that I am just in love with! I also did this with the twine bow, flowers and cheescloth......oh heck...I did it to everything gthat would stand still on this page!

I love how the small amount of paint, tones everything down and gives it all a softer look!

More close up details of the paint on my emabellishments! But here in this close up photo I also wanted to share with you my dripping paint. I simply placed my bottle of paint at the top of my layout and poured enough to allow it to drip down the page without making a super huge mess! I found that holding my layout verticle a few a few minutes after I poured the paint worked well!

On my layout I used an abundance of layers so I wanted to get a few close up's of these to show you how they look at a side view.

Thank you so much for stopping by to take a look at my layouts as well as listen to me ramble, your support is greatly appreciated!

Happy Scrapping!!



  1. Soo Beautiful Jenni!! love all the textures here!!
    Wonderful work! :)