Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Finds

I love beautiful, festive holiday decorations. They just have this ability to put you in such a cheerful spirit. The colors are so rich, bold and yummy, such eye candy! Makes me just wanna gather the family in the living room, light a fire and play those fav holiday tunes while sipping hot cocoa and playing board games! The holidays just have this magical way of bringing people together, or making you wanna do all those nice things that run through your head throughout the year that you never actually taken the time to do. It has a way of reminding you that it's the little things that count, like holding the door open for someone, or reaching for the can on the top shelf in grocery store for that lil old lady who just can't seem to reach it, or bringing a warm meal to that man across the street whom is alone for the holidays. It also has a way of making you slow down and realize what you have and what life is really about!

I have found some AMAZING holiday decor inspiration on to put you in the holiday spirit!

Snowman Love this mantel   Candy cane - cute!
berry door swag 
snowmen LOVE Table centerpeice

Hope you've enjoyed today's finds and are inspired to geth out there and spread the holiday cheer!

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