Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Whites

Although I hate the bitter coldness it brings I do love the look a beautiful winter storm can bring. I mean who can resist that soft fluffy white spread all over the ground in all it's shining glory or the perfectly pointed icicles neatly hanging from your rooftops like a prop on a movie set. My favorite of all though has to be when the snow is a soft steady straight snow (those of you who live in snow areas are gonna be able to relate to this) know the kind that brings those big beautiful snowflakes. The kind that fall so soft and slow that you can actually see their shape and catch em on your nose and mouth if you are lucky!

I wanted to capyure this look and the feelings they bring into a Christmas card, by using all whites, with some hints of silver glimmers and sparkles.

I started off with a piece of plain 8x11 white cardstock. I just used a template for a chevron and placed it halfway onto my folded carstock to obtain the shape. I handcut the icicles free handed, really no biggie as icicles are not perfect in width or length anyway, then I used my silver stickles to outline the edges. This takes a while to dry so just set it aside on a flat surface and give it a while to do it's thing. I was unpatient on my first try and tried to speed up the process with my honestly just blew the stickles off the paper. So just let it dry on it's own it's less of a headache.

While I waited for it to dry I cut out a medium and a small size sheild shape for the sentiment. I used pop dots on the second layer to give some much need dimension. The sentiment and lil snow flakes in light silver is actually done by a generic stamp.....I thought the ink was to suttle so I traced the sentiment in a silver pen. One the stickled icicles dried I placed them in the center of the card with a silver trim above them. I placed the sentiment over the top. I used liquid pearls around the edges of the card and sentiment for some more softness and added dimension. Then I layered differet size, shapes and colors of icicles  in the corner. I toped it off with a soft silver bow and used hot glue to gather the tails in a scrunched up fashion. I placed a pearl in the bows center to finish the job!

Here's a few close up's

I hope you enjoyed my card and are dying to bring that beautiful winter scene onto your own creations! Remember the trick to using all white is to have layers, different textures and demension.

Happy Scrapping

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  1. This is amazing; and captures that part of winter perfectly!