Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Creative Soup's Snapshot Scavenger Hunt

Creative Soup is hosting a Snapshot Scavenger Hunt, come play along with us for your chance to win!!!

*How To Play*
1) Go to the Scavenger Hunt forum and start a new thread with your name. This will be your personal thread for posting images of your finds.

2) Memorize (haha – kidding!) or print out the master list of items to find.
We will post additional items intermittently on the Creative Soup Facebook fan page and/or Creative Soup Twitter – so be sure to subscribe and visit!!

3) We will have a few surprise lists planted through out the site. We will let you know when a surprise list has been posted and give a hint on how to find it. We will NOT tell you before the lists have been added, so you will have to check back to see if something new has been posted.

4) When you find an item on the list, take a picture of it!

5) Post the image in your thread. You will earn one point for each item you find and post (unless otherwise specified).
Please be sure to label each picture. It makes it easier when tallying your points at the end!!!

6) Tally your points!!!


1) You must take the picture.

2) You must take and post a picture for each item (no “three items in one photo” posts!)

3) You may take creative liberty with these, but use your best judgement. If you question whether or not an item works, it probably doesn't! When in doubt, stick with the literal version of the item.

4) The photos used for this scavenger hunt need to be NEW photos taken for this scavenger hunt! I am trusting everyone will be honest, but if there is question about your honesty you can be disqualified!

5) You must take and post all of your entries by August 31, 2011 at 11:59pm EST to be eligible for prizes!

This is meant to be fun. We know that you will not be able to get everything. We know some items are not in your area...that is OK..Just get as many as you can.

Everyone can play!!

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