Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting Healthy

I never seriously thought this day would ever come in my life! Although I've whined in the past about my weight I knew it wasn't terrible, just more than I liked. However I recently stepped onto a scale and was mortified with my wieght, I think that was just the push I needed to get under my skin enough to get me motivated. I cannot believe I'm saying this online but my short 5'2" frame was carrying 155lbs of weight.....and I have no baby bump to blame this one on....nope I'm affraid this ones all on me!

I have devised a plan, however I wanted to keep it simple and realistic....I know if I try to make drastic changes I will not stick with it and only get fatter lol....Below is my plans I would like to start with and we'll go from there, each week I plan to post my progress if any and I'd love to hear your own dirt/exercise stories. Have you had sucess in the past, are you in the middle of your own wieght loss journey?

*1 pop per day (NO EXCEPTIONS) more water
*morning walk...once I get used to this I'd like to turn this into a jog
*I think I wanna use smaller plates to serve my food on and not allow myself seconds, I will not change my   diet, just the amount I consume
*I am fortunate enough to have boxxing equipment right here at home so I plan to use the bags and some 1lb weights for some punches and jump roping for cadio 5 days per week

I wanna see how this works for me before I make any other plans. My ultimate goal is to shed at least 25lbs! So wish me luck!

So I've been watching what and how much I eat for a week so far and getting some of the exercise I mentioned above (I say some because there have been events we've attended every night this week so far thats prevented us from exercise, I hope to get back into full routine next week)!

But with the little bit of effort I've put forth so far I have been able to shed 5lbs! I'm now at 150lbs ONLY 20 MORE LBS TO GO TO REACH MY GOAL!!!!!!

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