Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Birthday In Da House!!!

Today my baby boy is turning 7, it's hard to believe mostly in part because he is still a major mama's boy! Mama is his go to, and he still loves to kiss and baby is growing up and oh how I will miss these days when they're gone! Like his older brother he's an amzing lil guy, full of energy and always on the go with wild ideas. I like to describe him as being a little bit of Leave It To Beaver, a lil Dennis The Menace, and a lil bit of the younger boy off of Old Yellow...ya know the one with all the junk crammed in his pockets, lol.....take those 3 boys mix them with a bag of candy and a bicycle and you've got my lil guy! But I wouldn't trade him for all the gold in the world...he's my Boo Boo and I love him to peices! So help me today in wishing him a Happy 7th Birthday!!!!!

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  1. Happy b-day to your son, enjoy these days when they are little, my first born just moved out of the house monday (Sad day for me) they grow up fast.