Monday, June 27, 2011

Creative Soup's 6.27 Mojo Monday

I had so much fun with this week's Mojo Monday Get Crafy chalenge prompt!

We were asked to create a layout using 5 different kinds of alphas. I have to admit I was a lil nervous at first, I'm not sure before this page I's ever used more than 2 different alphas on one page.....but once I started I loved the look it gave the page, very playful and whimsical! Check it out

The paper is from one of DCWV retired paper lines, I just used the edge of my scissors scrapping it slightly to give it that distressed look and layered! I used a white pen around the top piece to outline a simple border to help it pop. For the alphas I just dug out some random ones that didn't have mant left in my stash and I used acrylic paint to give them all a lil make over so they would match....(this works on paper alphas to if you don't let it stick to the surface you painted it just need to use a non stick surface or move it a couple of times during it's drying period to prevent it from attching.)

I've been asked what the title means....well it's kinda funny youngest daughter has these beautiful dimples on each side of her chin when she smiles. She loves to show em off to you and tell you "I have nimples" AKA dimples, lol! She's only 4 and thats just how it comes out, kinda cute actually....but I realized once I finished this page that I'd completely covered up her "Nimples" So here's a photo of her cute lil smile

Her smile just lights up my day and I hope it has yours too!!!

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