Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Few Page's To Share

Well the weather finally permitted me to get some decent photo's of my recent layout's...every time I have a free moment to do this the weather had been crappy preventing the photos.

I fell in love with Creative Scrapper's sketch #160 when I saw it, I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for as soon as I laid eyes on it!

Below is my take on the sketch, I actually think it looks better IRL than it does in this photo of it.....seems there's so many elements, layers and textures that blend and are harder to see :(   The photo is of my Paternal Great Aunt Julia (JuJu as we call her). She is my Grandmother's baby sister, born 2 months early after their family suffered a horiffic car accident. Due to internal injuries, my poor Great Grandmother never even had a chance to see her beautiful baby girl before she passed away a few days after the accident. Aunt JuJu is lucky to have survived being born so early in such a time period, in the photo below she is a few weeks old and weighed in a 2lbs. Our family is so fortunate to have her around today!

I tried to keep the colors very monochromatic and soft, with a pop of color

Here is a close up of Aunt JuJu with 2 of her nurses.


The flowers are fussy cut from an older K&Co Collection, which I feel bad guys but I can't remember the name. I added a lil bling to accent it even more!

I used a mini tag and bow for some hidden journaling shown here.

Last but not least, a close up of some of the distressing and layering and soft laces! I wanted to make the page extremely vintage and girly looking so again I choose soft colors and lots of pretty lace!

Here I have another photo from my stock of older family treasures, the motorcycle belonged to my Husband's Paternal Grandfather. It was an old Indian and my Husband and his Father absolutely loved this bike, so the pic is a such a treat and a treasured memory for our scrapbooks!

This was actually my very first time to ever use 12x12 vellum.....usually I hate vellum, but the paper was so cute I couldn't resist the purchase! I love the vintage look the paper has, with a bit more of a masculine feel to it! The bloomers added such a whimsical element and complimented the page very well I think. You may notice a small gap in my journaling....I am waiting on a year the bike was made....I love details! Behind the photo is one of the new Prima journaling spots which I just adore....if you have not purchased any, I highly recommend, they are so versatile!

I had a BLAST creating this page guys! SERIOUSLY LOVE THE WAY IT TURNED OUT! The paper is from the Pink Paisley Butterfly Garden collection and it's amazing ya'll! So soft and feminine! I love all things flowers! However the flowers in the upper right and lower left corners are NOT part of the paper, they are NOT paper at all in fact,...what are they you ask??? They are fabric, I have been playing with new ideas and fussy cutting florals from fabric is a new obsession of mine.....many more fabric floral layouts on their way to my blog soon....must be revealed first! Anyway they are tedious to cut but well worth the fuss ladies! So run out to your local fabric retailer and grab yourself some floral fabric and get to cutting!!! The best part is you can get more than 1-2 pages done with 1 yard....whereas with 1 piece of floral paper thats all you get....so yes it's budget friendly!  Ok moving on.....the doily is just a regular doily which I painted with yellow acrylic paint and the fence can be purchased at most craft and hobby stores raw from about $1.50 for 3.....I used more acrylic paint on it also along with crackle paint to give it that old vintage feel! Under the fence is just some moss I used to tie it all in!

I have many more to come ladies, so check back soon! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I hope you enjoyed my pages as much as I do! Please leave me a comment and become a follower before you leave!


  1. Hi girl! Your blog is sooo gorgeous. :) I love the vintage style you did with your projects! Going to follow your blog..

    :) Great work!



  2. Nice looking family. I love the preemie layout. Our youngest (now 18) was 7 1/2 weeks early and I love the early pictures of how he grew. Thanks for the friend request on scrapbook.com.
    My blog: cindyspagesintime.blogspot.com