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Glimmer Mist Basics

Glimmer Mist Basics 101

What Is Glimmer Mist?

Acid Free non toxic waterbased spraydesigned to add a fine shimmer to your crafting projects, it also allows you to create your own background and patterns on your projects.

What Can I Use Glimmer Mist On?

-Dries instantly on wood
-Looks fabulous on chipboard and paper
-Sticks to metal and glass
-Pools on plastic to create a stained glass effect
-silk flowers
-Makes your stickers shimmer
-"Pops" your fabric or paper flowers
-Adds a gorgeous sheen to lace, ribbon, twill and fabrics (will wash out!)
-Glimmer Mist applications are limited only by your creativity!
True Colors
When purchasing Glimmer mist it's important to note that the mist will NOT be the color that you see in the bottle, it's true color once it's dried will be the color of the swatch sample you see on the backside of the bottle.
Does Glimmer Mist Stain?
As with any arts and crafts project, messes happen. Glimmer Mist will come out of your clothes in almost all circumstances. It may take a couple of washings so make sure you check before you put it in the dryer. Glimmer Mist on your hands comes off best with shampoo – so once you’re out of the shower it should be gone! It will also come off with several washings from soap. However it is very very hard to get off of your carpets, so please be careful when using it on or near your carpets.

Tip: Keep baby wipes handy to clean glimmer messes with. You can use the same wipe over and over to clean your messes and save the wipe when your done for a later project.

(see baby wipe blotching technique below)
How Do I store Glimmer Mist
Never store your mist lying down, they must ALWAYS remain straight up so you do not clog the sprayer with the glitter.

How Do I Unclog My Sprayer?
If your sprayer gets clogged, usually you can unclog it by rises the spray nozzle with warm water and drying it, before using canned air in the nozzle hole to clear out the sprayer of residue and glitter.

How Do I Mix My Mist?

All the glitter in your mist will settle at the bottom after it sits for a while, you will need to mix it before each use. To do this shake your bottle firmly ONLYfrom side to side, NEVER shake it up and down, this could also clog your sprayer. Just keep shaking until all your glimmer at the bottom is mixed in, you may have to oat the bottom firmly against the palm of your hand a few times to loosen the glimmer.

How To Spray
No matter what technique you use with your mist, you must always press your nozzle ALL THE WAY DOWN when spraying. No matter what you are doing, NEVER spray in a half spray this is the main reason nozzle's clog up.

Preventing Your Sprayer From Dribbling

When you spray, make sure your finger is not hanging over the front edge of the sprayer. When the Glimmer Mist disburses it will hit your finger and dribble back down onto the rim of the sprayer. The next time you shake it or tip it, it will dribble out. If your finger is pulled back the Glimmer Mist will spray out in the pattern it was intended to and it won't go back onto the cap.

Is Glimmer Mist Water Resistant?

No, Glimmer mist is water based and does not use pigment dye. Therefore, it will run if exposed to moisture. If your planning on using Glimmer mIst in a humid enviroment (bathroom decor, for example) put a protective coating over it.

Can mist Fade In The Sun?

Yes! Glimmer MIst will fad if left in the sun. YOu may only be able to resist fading if you use a UV protective coating over your project.

How Do I stop My Paper From Curling When I use The Mist?

Glimmer Mist is a water-based spray that can make lightweight mediums (like tags and paper) curl as it dries. There are a number of ways you can correct this:
-Use a heat tool on both sides of your paper
-Iron your paper
-After it’s dry, place a heavy object on it for a few minutes

How Do I Prevent My Stamped Image From Looking Blurry After I mist It?
There are two ways to use Glimmer Mist with stamped images. If you’re using archival ink, you can spray Glimmer Mist on top of your stamped image and it won’t run. If you don’t use archival ink, spray the Glimmer Mist first and stamp your image when it’s dry.

Keeping Your Work Space Clean When Using Mist

To keep your mist from getting all over the place a few papr towels under your project or a piece of posterboard works well.

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Basic Glimmer Mist Techniques

You may want to start by trying your mist on cheap notebook or computer paper to get a feel for it before using it on your projects. You may also want to do this when mixing colors to first see how they will look together.

(Something very important to keep in mind and this is the number one thing that held me off from using my mist for a very long time....the mist will dry looking ALOT different from the way it looks when it's wet and pooling on your project)

 How Do I Get An Even Spray Without The Dots Using Glimmer Mist

You want a fine mist – Push the sprayer down quickly and move it across the surface of your project like you’re applying hairspray. You want to keep your hand moving quickly and evenly across your project. Bear in mind the nature of the product is that it may take you several tries to a completely even spray pattern. Practice spray before you do your final project. If your sprayer tip is particially clogged you will get the undesired droplets.

 How Do I Get A Thick Raindrop Like Look Using Glimmer Mist

For a thicker, raindrop application hold Glimmer Mist closer to your project while spraying. Do not move the sprayer too much, or too fast.

 How Do I Get A Pooling Effect Using Glimmer Mist
For a pooling effect, which gives intense color, spray Glimmer Mist very closely and directly on your project.

How Do I Lighten My Project And Give It That Pastel Look

You can lighten your project by placing a dry paper towel over it while it's still wet and using a brayer over it in a back in forth motion to evenly soak up the excess moister.

How Do I Get Those Droplets All Over My Page Minus The MIst Effect

I believe there are many ways out there of doing this, but I prefer to dump a very small amount of mist into the the lid of my mist and relese my droplets here and there where desired on my project. It also leaves a nice touch when you have mist around the rim of your lid after using the droplet technique to use your lid as a stamp right onto your project. This will leave nice glimmer ring prints!

How Do I Get That Baby Wipe Blotching Effect Using Glimmer Mist

Above I mentioned you can use a baby wipe to clean your mist messes and save the wipe for later projects. You will notice the wipe is covered in blotches of different colored mist all over and may be dry. Thats ok, just spray it with your desired color a spritz or two and blotch away at your project. You can use all differnt colors for this. This will give your project a very unique look as all those colors will pick up on your page.

How Do I Mask With Glimmer MIst

You can mask with so many things, really the skies the limit. Just lay them over your project where you do not want the mist making sure it's secure and mist away. You may also use more than one color for this.

Fun Tip: Save a toilet paper roll to ase as a mist mask, who knows this may inspire you to find other things you can use to mask with!

How Do I Use Glimmer Mist To Paint

You can also use a paintbrush with your mist and paint whatever you like. I personaly like to paint the edges of light colored blooms with a contrasting darker color. Using the paintbrush allows for some control.

Can I Stamp On Top Of Glimmer Mist

Yes!!!! You definately can stamp on glimmer mist once it has dried. There is a more advanced method out there to mist over stamped images as well.

How Do I Get That Drip Effect Using Glimmer Mist

This is a wildly popular method at this moment. You just spray the mist closely and directly on the starting spot a few times and then turn your project on it's side to start the glimmer dripping. YOu may have to flick the back of your project gently if you did not spray enough. You need to make sure you have a scrap sheet under your project when using this method as the drips will pour down pretty fastly.

How Do I Use A Brayer With Glimmer Mist

I like to spray the mist directly onto my table and grab it with the brayer from there as it doesn't stain some surfaces, but I'm not sure I'd recomend this for all surfaces, so you may want to spray your mist onto a paper plate or onto non stick wax paper instead..

Mixing Glimmer Mist Colors Colors

Glimmer Mist is attractive when just using one color, but layering multiple colors also adds a beautiful richness to your projects.
When mixing colors I like to start with the dark color first leaving open spots here and there to fill in with other colors. Then finishing it off with a light colors top coat. Spraying heavier in some spots will give it that water color pooling effect once it's dried.

How Do I Speed Up The Drying Process
You can let Glimmer Mist air dry or use a heating tool to speed up the drying process.

Please note Most of this info. was found on the
Tattered Angels website.