Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Finds

In honor of October being  Breast Cancer Awareness month, today's finds are all going to be in shades of pink to honor all those boobies out there! I read a saying the other day and I chuckled a bit, but it's so true


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Ladies I plead to you all to get yourself checked, if you've already had a regular exam be sure you keep up with the next appointment just because one visit is good does not mean the next will be and if you have never been checked, run don't walk run to the phone now and schedule your appointment. It's easy, painless and well worth the trouble. If you've ever been touched by someone you know whom has suffered this terrible disease you know the importance. Take care of them boobies girls!

And without further adieu my precious pink inspirational finds:

! paper peonies tutorial From
beautiful ribbons and trimsFleecy pillow!Cherry Blossom Cake!

so pretty!

I know some of these are Friday Find repeats for me......but they are worth taking a second looksie right? So are you ready to get out there and create some heavenly pink creations? I must be honest here, I'm not sure if I want make something pink or eat something pink, that cake looks divine!

Pink ribbon.svg


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  1. Those are some wonderful photos. Like the little saying too.