Sunday, October 16, 2011

Snapshot Sunday and Some Great News!

Flying Unicorn

So how about the good news first!

Drum roll please, I am super HONORED to announce that I am a part of Flying Unicorn's new Design Team!

If you haven't checked out their store or kits yet, you are really missing out. They carry a large variety of scrapbboking items as well as much coveted items such as Imaginarium, Dusty Attic, Pion, Scrapcake, as well as all your other FAVS!!! Please take a momen to stop in and check em out and don't forget to pop in the forum and say hello! 

Here's a treat for you!

Be sure you participate in their Scrap O' Ween event going on all month for your chance to win Alda is WAYYYYYY GENEROUS with her prizes!!!!


Hope to see you there!!!



 Today I wanna share a few snaps I took of some of my kiddos last week.

Ok I know you are looking at this photo going geesh poor kid and it isn't even Halloween yet, lol. This is actually mandatory for a school project. The kids go to an original 1800's school for the whole day and it's as authentic as can be right down to the lunch they bring and what it can be wrapped in. The only modifications within reason are updated restroom facilities to potty and wash hands. And of course they can bring a bottle of water as no water is provided but that is it....they even write with quills. It's an amzing experience and she's my 3rd kiddo to get to go.....she wasn't to pleased with the outfit being the fashion diva that she is, but relented when she said her dress was prettier than the other girls, lol whatta snob! However I can't pretend it didn't make me feel good as I did make the dress......ok ok I know the bonnet is huge, lol I'll keep my day job, thats why I scrap and do not sew often, but I can manage if I have to!

She looks real pleased with me here, lol! She was mad because I took the photos outside and not in the house so no one could see.....for Heavens sake, she'd been at school all day not as if no one had seen her, lol!

Lil House on the prarie girl!

Awwwww she does smile, imagine that!


And there it's gone!!! Now you see it now you don't! So much for that, lol!

However she did actually have a good time despite her predictions. She thought it was great and even volunteered to wear the dunce cap....haha I'd have like to have seen that!

This next set of photo's is from my youngest's first fiels trip which I was fortunate enough to get to go on with her! There's a few photo's of her with her pumpkin, some by the stalks....making a funny face and this one below is the bus ride to the patch!

Isn't she angelic??? I guess that look is why I don't mind when she sneaks in my room at night and swears she can't sleep without snuggling us, lol! Who can resist!

The wind was over 25mph this day so the wierd faces was her attempts to keep the dirt out of her eyes.....I wish these attempts kept the goat heads away too......most uncomft ride back in my life for me.....don't ask how but I had a rear chaulk full of goat heads.....yep my butt was covered and I had to sit on my rear all the way back to the school........

See those pumpkins behind you think she got one that was liftable???? Oh no she picked the biggest pumpkin she laid he eyes on, which left me straining to carry back to the bus and then home from her school......
Don't ask....I dunno???? lol

Ok sweet look was above......this one....this one has evil written all over it, lol. I don't even wanna know what was brewing inthat head of hers, lol.

Well thats it folks I hope you enjoyed my snapshots and are inspired to get out there and snap your own memories! Don't forget to visit Flying Unicorn!

Til next time!



  1. Congrats on becoming a DT member at Flying Unicorn~! I'm a member at Flying Uni and am now following you too! Come by for some puddin n pie..

  2. Congratulations Jen! I am so excited for you and look forward to seeing more of your work...cute photos too---love going on field trips!

  3. Congrats Jenifer! Thanks for sharing the super cute pic of your girls.

  4. congrats on the exciting news!!! and great photos, I LOVE The pumpkin patch ones!!!!

  5. Woohoo! So glad to have you with us!! Love the snapshots!

  6. What fab photos!! Congratulations on making the new DT. They'll enjoy your inspiring work there!! ~ Blessings