Sunday, October 9, 2011

Snapshot Sunday

Last weekend we took the kiddos to the park to have a pic nic, toss the ball and swing a bit and of coarse you know I'm not leaving the house withoput my camera.....Oh yeah mammarazzi came along too much to my childrens dismay, lol.

We had a blast anyway though, we tried to enjoy our lunch the best we could while trying to fend off the furocious bees all but attacking us for our food. I am seriously surprised no one got stung,  I thought for sure someone was doomed......Afterwards they played and we swung the a bit and the camera came out, some of their friends showed up and a fewer of the older ones wanted us all to play a game of football......not such a great idea....the girls were smart for sitting out....I took a shoulder in  my nose from one of their friends by accident. Do you know how hard it is not to cry and lick your wounds in front of a bunch of jr high kids, lol?!?!? Seriously tears stung my eyes and I just knew my nose was gonna bleed which thankfully it never did. Needless to say I was done as my tooth, nose and neck was in dire pain, lol. But being the cossumate wanna be tomboy I did not complain.....til we got home that is, haha.

But the day wasn't totally fruitless I did mange to get some shots of the kids!

Hope you enjoyed my photos! Have a great day!!!


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  1. gorgeous photo shoot, I keep trying to convince my kids to sit still so I can get some great shots, harder as they get older! Hope your nose is less painful now.